Treaty Education – Before the Meeting

Walking into class the first day and sitting down, I was nervous and excited. That was until Mike said we would individually have meetings with him about Treaty Education. I personally feel like I have had demons to fight, with this entire subject. Going through school I did not learn anything about indigenous peoples or Canada’s dark history. However, I did learn through the media which I now know often misrepresents Indigenous peoples. This completely threw me off when I found out that Indigenous peoples are not criminals that use others. They went through never ending pain that still effects generations today.

My overall thought and concern is how to teach treaty education to students that may have been in my same situation and being able to teach treaty education with the justice it deserves. My struggles has been trying to see the stereotypes and false representations that have been put into my head over the years and switch it to understand the culture better and the continuing pain. This has been improved over time because I have had the opportunity to take classes and attend camps about treaty education. I also have had the opportunity to volunteer for the NAIG. This still doesn’t mean I am fully confident in teaching my students treaty education correctly or with the full potential. I think in general the idea of treaty education is just intimidating.

I would like to take the time to talk to other teachers about how they are including treaty education into their teaching. I was also like to talk to Indigenous peoples and ask what they think. I think creating these kind of relationships is a great beginning to feeling more confident teaching treaty education.



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