The Ice age to The Indigenous peoples!

Even though this does not connect to my ideal museum lesson, I needed to bring it to attention because it really bothered me. The Indigenous people came across as extinct because of the layout. I thought this almost instantly because right before that, there was an ice age exhibit full of bones. So before my students and I attend the museum, we will be talking about the problems that are still happening today.

For the actual museum visit, the students will start by taking a walk around once or twice of the Indigenous part. They would have the chance to look what interests them. After the students have looked around, I will introduce the idea of a creating a scrap book that they will work on for the next couple of weeks. Each student will pick an area that interests them and will spend the rest of the time reading about it, taking pictures, asking questions, and maybe even draw it. Once done, we will go back to the classroom, we will do a class scrap book. We will work on this scrap book and look more in-depth into the subjects.


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