Iodine Stains?

For my lesson today, I taught a science lab about the differences between animal and plant cells. I started my lesson off with a power point. Science is the first class of the day and the students usually rush in all at once. So for my first slide, I put Instructions telling the students to come in, clean off their desks, and grab a pencil. This has worked for me in the past but today my coop was late. I did not have a power point. I quickly adapted by asking all students to stop what they were doing and listen. I explained what they had to do and right away praised the students that did it. The other students then quickly followed. After, I introduced the lesson and used an actual microscope instead of the picture I had planned. I asked the students to tell me what each part was and how it worked.

What a crazy start! It worked out because my coop showed up and I could use my power point. I had to jump around a little bit because I had started with the microscope instead of the lab instructions. To keep the class flowing smoothly,I split the students up into groups by numbering them off and asked each group to send one person to grab a microscope and one or two people to grab the rest of the materials. All of the materials were spread out across the room so there was not a big group of students fighting for materials.

The students loved the lab and I saw many of the students that usually do not participate, be the leader of the group. The students took it in turns looking into the microscope and trying to focus it. I heard many great comments about what was in the cells and how they worked.

Overall, I think this lesson plan went well. Now, there is one question you might still be asking. Iodine stains? Yes it does. I found out when I was making the iodine and water solution. It stains your hands yellow and it takes about 5 hand washes to wash it off.


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