Who Am I?

Who am I? This is a question I feel I get asked often in this faculty. “Tell us one thing about yourself”, “what would you do with a million dollars?”, “Why are you here?”. My name is Emma Knight and I am here because I want to help shape the next generation. Some of my favourite things are food (specifically pizza), my family and friends, cheerleading, and being apart of this crazy journey to be coming a teacher.

I have many goals I would love to accomplish and work on this semester. My first goal is to become more confident in my abilities. I am both excited and nervous to start pre-interning as I am not sure what to expect. My second goal is to get to know more people as at first I am kind of shy (Feel free to say hi to me!). My third and final goal is to learn more about the different views on education. I think my last goal is one of the most important as there is a possibility of having a very diverse classroom and all students should feel accepted when it comes to learning.

Who am I? I started this blog off with a question so it seemed fitting to end with it. I am a future teacher that is nervous, overwhelmed, but excited to see how this semester plays out.img_1931

(This is me and my family)