Treaty Education to Me

This week we are meant to blog about something we have been thinking about that relates to the class. Treaty education is a big one to me because the thought of offending someone is a scary. I personally do not think I know enough to be able to successfully teach it to the next generation and this is because the generation before me failed to teach me. It was often that these teachers would briefly talk about the culture and then move on. Probably because they also believed they did not know enough. To change this, I think it is important for teachers and education students to attend the many events the university offers and then use what they learned in their own classrooms.


Treaty Education

This weeks question was based on an email from an intern expressing concern about treaty education in a school. The teachers of this school did not feel it necessary to teach the students treaty education as there were barely any/no first nations students at the school.

My response to this email would include the point that whether or not the teachers think it is important, First nations history is a big part of this countries history. This history still effects us all today, even the teachers. Learning about the First nations culture also improves the society as it educates students instead of them learning through stereotypes. Treaty education gives teachers the opportunity to help students explore all of Canada and not just the European parts of Canada.

Going through school, I personally learned little to nothing about First Nations history and culture. Going through university I am learning a lot more and it is changing my personal views. I also feel deprived because of all the years I could have had this knowledge. ECS 210 has changed my views on why treaty education is important and the benefits of teaching it to students.