Front and Centre

I grew up as a privileged white child in a middle class white family. I have parents that are supportive and push me to be my best but also know when to let me be independent. During my first twelve years of school, my parents were active in my learning and would go out of their way to make me successful. I was a very lucky child with endless opportunities. I need to remember that this isn’t the case for every student I will teach. If anything, my childhood will negatively impact my teaching and understanding because I was so lucky. I will never experience growing up in a bad neighbourhood with neglectful parents. As a future teacher, I need to learn how to connect with every student through the curriculum. I need to be able to show all view points and not just my own. Lastly, I need to be understanding of certain situations and learn how to help students in need.


2 thoughts on “Front and Centre

  1. kendellp says:

    I really liked your post! I had a very similar experience growing up and find that I often have to remind myself that that is not the case for everyone. I find this with different types of families as well, I need to remind myself that not all families are the same. Most importantly I need to remind myself that every student is different and very few will share the same experiences that I did. Thanks for being so upfront with your experiences, great post!


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