Was I a “good” student?

In society, I believe a “good” student is one that sits quietly, does what is expected without questioning, wants to learn, and is able to fit in with the other students. A “good” student is what society tells them to be which is to say and know the right things. This means a “bad” student questions why we are learning a certain subject or why we are learning a subject a certain way. This confuses me because are we not meant to be encouraging independent learning? isn’t ¬†students wanting to explore themselves and question why a good thing?

I believe students that fit into this “good” student category most likely came from a middle class family with authoritative parents. It is no secret that the curriculum and resources are focused on middle class children. It is also no secret that societies values are from middle class ideologies. It would make sense that the middle class child is considered “good” because of how they are raised.

The issue with this common sense idea is that other students are immediately labelled as a bad child. This student can be told that they are wrong when actually they have their own creative ideas. I think teachers need to remember that students are not just learning from us but we are also learning from them.


One thought on “Was I a “good” student?

  1. zachrenwickblog says:

    I completely agree with your view of what a good student is. Your outlook on the possibility that a “good student” , much like the curriculum, is based on middle class ideologies is exactly what I was thinking. I also believe that common sense can lead to students being labelled as “bad” before having a chance to prove other wise.


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