Future Goals

Quote: “The greatest sign of a success for a teacher…is to be able to say, “The children are now working as if I did not exist.””

  • Maria Montessori

This quote is the reason I decided to become a teacher and is what helps me get through each paper, reading assignment, and final. As teachers, I believe it is our job to shape future generations and motivate our students. This quote is saying that a teacher has motivated and interested their students enough that the students want to learn.

From personal experience I have had teachers that made class so interesting that I would still go to class if I could. I have also had teachers that turned me off of a subject. The successful teacher incorporated our interests, made classes interactive, and gave us chance to voice our opinions. On the other side is the teacher that made us sit silently in rows while she talked at us. If a student had a question she would make us feel dumb for asking.

As a future teacher, it is my goal to create a fun educational environment for my students and I think this quote perfectly describes our job.


Tyler Rationale: Standardized Testing in Classrooms

Ralph Tyler is considered the father of assessment and standardize testing in classrooms. Throughout my what seems like never-ending years in school, I have completed many standardized tests in the class to prove what I have learned. These tests where completed so the teacher could understand what we had learned and what areas we have struggled in as a class. The problem with this method is if the majority of the class was succeeding in an area we would move on.

Some of the disadvantages of a standardize test is that some students have trouble with this kind of test. Personally, I struggle because of anxiety. Another issue is that questions maybe worded different than a student has learned or the student may need to talk about the question out loud to understand. These problems can cause confusion to the student causing them a disadvantage.

Standardize testing also has many potential benefits. Results of these tests can give the teacher information about where the students are at with certain subjects. This means that the teacher then knows what needs to be improved and what was successful in the classroom. Tests can save a teacher a lot of time as they can be easy to mark and gives a future direction. Lastly, standardize testing shows the progress of a student and what strategies work best with certain students.